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Debro a écrit le 05/11/2013 à 15h03 :
Awesome site !!

HillbillyMan a écrit le 12/09/2013 à 23h43 :
Magnifique site, un grand merci !

Robert a écrit le 31/05/2013 à 17h33 :
My name is Robert Montgomery. I'm from Moulton, Alabama, about an hour south of where the Delmores were from, and wanted to write and compliment you and thank you for your website. I have been a huge Delmore Brothers fan since I was a little boy over 20 years ago, and I also play music myself and try to keep some of the Delmore music and name alive everywhere I go throughout the country. I have never seen such a thoroughly researched discography on the Delmores, and it was badly needed.
Thanks for sharing all of your hard work.

Pierre a écrit le 06/05/2013 à 13h03 :
Le site le plus complet sur les Delmore (et très beau en plus). Merci à l'auteur !

bopping a écrit le 16/04/2013 à 08h18 :
Site fantastique! Merci!

imitation, false a écrit le 13/04/2013 à 01h54 :
Amazing website. Such extensive and useful information about the Delmore Brothers. They deserve far more recognition these days, and your site should help immensely.
-Phillip Wells

Jamie a écrit le 30/03/2013 à 09h03 :
I had downloaded a radio program of The Demore Brothers at www.otrcat.com, but the site didn't have any dates for the program. Using your site and the offers for their Sacred Song book, I at least have an idea when this broadcast was from - around 1948. Wayne Raney is also on this broadcast.

joe a écrit le 29/03/2013 à 21h18 :
je vous remercie de rendre hommage a ce grand duo d'exception

elliott v ruther a écrit le 04/03/2013 à 06h11 :
AWESOME Site!!!!!!! the cincinnati usa musuc heritage foundation led efforts to get a historic marker to Herzog Studio and included Delmore Brothers.

pat a écrit le 24/01/2013 à 15h10 :
Magnifique travail de mémoire concernant le duo le plus fantastique de la coutry blues music
il apparait un travail gigantesque pour la réalisation de ce site prouvant un hommage sans limite pour ces good old fellows
merci infiniment alain pour nous avoir donné cela
amitiés, Pat DJIAN

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